Almond Room Dental A Healthy Smile Can Open Doors

A Healthy Smile Can Open Doors

Having a great smile can exude confidence and will help to open doors for you to advance in life, both personally and professionally. But what can you do if you’re not among the fortunate ones to be born with a great set of teeth? Today, there’s new hope for even the poorest set of teeth. Dental implants are a fairly new and exciting field of dentistry that can replace a single tooth or an entire set of teeth by anchoring a full or partial denture.  If you’re in need of dental work to replace missing teeth, you should consider dental implants. But there are things to consider when searching for a dental implant specialist in Hunt Valley, MD, and nearby areas.

Why Are Dental Implants Good?

The plastic or porcelain replacement teeth placed permanently in your mouth will not corrode, discolor or get cavities. They are actually stronger than your original teeth. Not only will they fill in gaps in your smile, they deter jawbone loss, a byproduct of losing your original teeth. Unlike bridges, a dental implant will not adversely affect the adjacent teeth and will never need replacement. They help to avoid decay and gum disease in your entire mouth, and the titanium posts fuse with your jawbone over time, creating a tight bond.

What Are the Drawbacks?

Cost is a major concern, since a single dental implant can run several thousand dollars and, in most cases, is not covered by dental insurance plans. It is a surgical procedure which carries inherent risks and should only be undertaken by an experienced specialist in implant surgery. Time is another consideration, since it takes from three to six months for the finished product, since bone heals slowly. Infection of the sinus or nasal cavity is also possible.

What You Need in a Dentist

You need to be careful in your selection of a dentist for your dental implants. Make certain the dentist has a degree from a top school and has expertise in the latest technology. Ask how many dental implants the dentist has performed. You also want a dental practice that is patient-oriented, has a friendly staff, and a clean office. You also want a dental practice that offers emergency services, in case you need care immediately. These are all things to consider when choosing a dental implant specialist in Hunt Valley, MD.

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