Almond Room Beauty 3 Ways to Tame Your Hair

3 Ways to Tame Your Hair

If you have wild curls, trouble with frizz, or hair so thick you can’t get a brush through it, you know that it is a pain to even try to tame your hair. You’re sick of the tangles, and you’re sick of trying to keep your hair at bay.

While there are many who suffer from seemingly untameable hair, there are a few solutions that might help. If your hair is out of control, try these three things before you chop it all off.

 1. Strong Hold Hair Gel

Strong hold hair gel will help you keep the frizz at bay. A good hair gel that allows you to comb through it will give you the ability to straighten your curls without heat, while it keeps your hair in place. While helmet head is out, there are a lot of hair gels on the market that give you the smooth, shiny look without the crunchy side effects.

 2. Hair Straighteners

Hair straighteners can tame curls and frizz at the same time. Additionally, if your hair is very thick, straightening it after you blow it out will help you keep it tame. Do your research and find the best straightener for your hair type. Don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more for a quality straightener that won’t burn your hair out (which can lead to frizzier and less manageable hair). Think of this as an investment. The better your straightener, the less money you will have to spend on products to bring your hair back from the dead.

 3. The Best Conditioner

There are some great conditioners on the market that can help with any type of hair. If you have a problem with frizz and split ends, find a quality conditioner that can help you keep your hair healthy (even in the humidity). If you have curls, there are conditioners that help with you get rid of the tangles, and keep your curls in good shape. Consider looking into all-natural products that can help you maintain your hair without damaging it or your health.

There are a lot of ways you can attempt to tame your hair. Make sure you find a good strong hold hair gel that can keep the frizz and curls at bay. Additionally, do your research to help you find a high-quality hair straightener that is good for your hair. Finally, don’t forget to condition your hair with quality products that are all natural.

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