Almond Room Gifts Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

When it comes to your wedding you want it to be one of a kind, and distinctly unique to you and your spouse. One way you can make your wedding stand out is to have nontraditional wedding favors for your guests.


If you are not a crafty person, or if you are running short on time, there is no need to worry. You can still have unique favors for your guests that you purchase completely, so you don’t have to do anything but set them out and be showered in compliments.

Luxury food items are a great idea and can be used by nearly everyone. So decorate the tables with the daintiest sized food items like chocolate, olive oil, maple syrup, spice blends, or fruit cups. You can also go straight for the edibles by having ready to eat snacks as favors, this will keep your munchy guests happy until food is served. You can purchase mini kits that the guests will love. You can find mini cocktail kits, mini flower potting kits, and everything in between.


If you want to add a personal touch to your favors you can. You can start with premade elements and then add your personal touch, or you could go straight DIY. Try to think of your wedding’s theme. If it’s a spring wedding pressed flowers in a frame with guests’ names is a pleasant idea. If it’s a winter wedding, why not have the scents of the season in tiny potpourri bundles, or an essential oil blend in glass dropper bottles.

If you have a summer wedding there are great opportunities to keep your guests comfortable and personalize your favors as well. Paper fans, water bottle labels, sunglasses, parasols, and more can be monogrammed with your initials or the wedding date and make a useful and memorable keepsake for your guests.


For those who want to go all-in and do straight DIY, there are some great ideas for you to get unique as well. You could decorate small vases and use them as take home favors that double as centerpieces on the guest tables. You could turn a photo of you and your betrothed into a coloring page and place it with a few crayons on the tables to keep the kids occupied.

Some other ideas are to have rosemary oil in dropper bottles with tags explaining its many uses, mini tambourines made out of cross stitch frames, or a playlist mix tape of songs from the wedding. So put your creative cap on and think outside the box so your favors and the rest of your wedding will be the best, and most unique it can be.

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